Press Release - EUKLIS success in DUBAI

Date: 07/02/2018

for the third consecutive year a huge success!

EUKLIS, a completely Italian company, is today a very important reality throughout the Middle East!

In recent years, the Italian technology EUKLIS has been used in very important projects in the countries - UAE, Qatar or Kuwait.

The most important innovation presented by EUKLIS at Intersec was
EUKLIS FaRe a suite of Face Recognition, for anti-terrorism applications, with the function of searching for people on black lists,
support for access control within critical infrastructures, through the facial recognition of the badge holder, border control with Passport reading, and automatic comparison with the biometric data contained in the microcip, and many others.

The Face Recognition platform can work stand alone or integrated with all the major software producers such as Genetec, Indigo Vision, Milestone, with controllers such as HID or STID and turnstiles like Gunnebo

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