Euklis takes part at IPVM LPR/ANPR Online Show!

Euklis takes part at IPVM LPR/ANPR Online Show!

Date: 13/11/2020

For the second time this year, Euklis will participate at IPVM LPR/ANPR Online Show on November 17th at 12:00PM EDT.


With 20+ companies leader in the security market, this will be the largest show ever dedicated to LPR/ANPR and Euklis will take this opportunity to present the Identity Certification Platform – FaRe Hybrid.


The team of Euklis will present FaRe Hybrid, as an open ALPR platform that offers advanced vehicle attribute detection such as plate number, color and country using common video surveillance cameras, to add intelligence to existing systems.


The presentation will be structured as follows:

-          10 min presentation of FaRe Hybrid

-          10 min LIVE DEMO

-          Q&A


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