Virtual Card - Online Tickets


Even for entities that issue named tickets and subscriptions online(concerts, shows, events, air travel, etc.) the Virtual Card turns out to be an innovative and user-friendly solution. The mobile app leverages Predictive QR Code, a patented Virtual Card technology from the FaRe Hybrid platform, which enables secure authentication via dynamic QR Code and prevents copying as it changes every 500 milliseconds and if it is copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change.

In the specific case of entities that issue tickets online, the mobile app allows 3 distinct phases: the ticketing phase for the registration of each user, the social phase, that is, the possibility of being able to communicate directly with the ticket/subscription holder through a 1-to-1 chat or broadcast-type messages, and finally the marketing phase that allows the entity to upload content of various types (advertising, promotions, videos, etc.) within the app to build loyalty among its customers.

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