"A reliable partner to make your software"

EUKLIS is able to provide a complete software project to satisfy every requirement using the most advanced programming techniques and technologies.

EUKLIS team is able to support the customers in writing specifications.

EUKLIS developing methods include advanced testing procedures and maintenance programs.


The EUKLIS R&D Team has a long time experience in developing high end software and firmware applications using the most advanced programming techniques.

EUKLIS team skills:

Analyst: Interviews the customer and compiles the Project Function Specifications.

Project Manager: From the Project Function Specifications, defines the software architecture, compiles the Project Detail Specifications, Unit Tests, System Tests, develops Chrono Program and executes the tests with the customer when the develop is finished.

Developer: Develops the code

Product Manager: Installs the project on field and follows the maintenance program.

System Manager: Plans and coordinates the project in the production system.


- The project phases that EUKLIS team includes in every project are the following:

- Compilation of the Project Function Specifications

- Compilation of the Project Detail Specifications

- Compilation of Unit Tests

- Compilation of System Tests

- Software developing

- Unit tests execution

- Installations in production

- System Test execution

- Compilation of the maintenance program

- Execution of the maintenance program

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