Security and Event Management


When ensuring safety and security within public and private places, security agencies must show great responsibility to prevent any dangerous situation. 
To better support these realities, Euklis proposes an intuitive and user-friendly tool that facilitates the implementation of safety measures in the organization and management of public events through a mobile app for authentication and management of people flow.

The functions available to security institutions are divided into:

1) People counting

2) Visitor authentication

3) Perimeter control

4) Certification of guard presence at all times

5) Protocol certification of actions performed by the guard

Subject to the provision of routes used for the access and outflow of people and personnel specifically trained in reception, routing and regulation of flows, as well as assistance in case of evacuation, Euklis offers an accurate and centralized counting module of people entering and leaving the place dedicated to the event, in order to improve access control operations and more effectively manage the actual numbering in the area, giving real-time numerical presence and capacity.


If required, visitor authentication can be performed via electronic ticket check. After downloading the Guest on Cloud mobile app, visitors can directly enter the identification pin associated with their host institution on their smartphone, enter their credentials, and obtain the Predictive QR Code®, a Patent Pending technology that acts as a virtual card.
The Predictive QR Code® also works offline, that is, without a connection to the Internet or a server, and prevents copying because:

- it changes every 500 milliseconds

- If copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change

Access to the facility/event is gained by showing the Predictive QR Code® to the smartphone enabled to be read by control personnel.

A perimeter control module that leverages artificial intelligence techniques allows the area to be kept under control by sending an alarm in real time if the presence of entities not authorized for access is detected, such as vehicles or bicycles in the case of events and events held outside. The smartphone that the control officer uses to count and/or authenticate allows him or her to simultaneously certify his or her presence at all times and provide a full report of the actions performed.

Download data sheet:

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- gestione_e_sicurezza_eventi.pdf

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