Version 3.4 of FaRe Hybrid platform has been released!

Date: 25/07/2023

With great satisfaction, version 3.4 of FaRe Hybrid platform, the key solution of Euklis, which recently became an innovative SME, has been released!

 But what are the new features?

1) Multi Company
The new version includes the portal for system integrators, service providers, event managers and security institutions for services to multiple Companies

2) Worker Safety

  • Contractor/subcontractor authentication.
  • Deadline Document Management
  • Site Attendance
 3) Virtual Reception

  • Automatic Guest Attendance Notification 
  • Auto Registration

Multi Company

The new Multi Company feature of the FaRe Hybrid platform allows you to manage multiple separate companies within one system. With a single login, different and totally independent systems can be configured and used. In other words, companies such as system integrators, service providers, event managers and security institutions can offer different types of services to their clients while having full control and visibility of the systems. Licenses, i.e., enabled systems, are also independent but can be managed simultaneously. Services that can be enabled from the Multi Company portal include all applications made available by the FaRe Hybrid platform: access control, multi-factor authentication, license plate reading, guest management, intrusion detection, video surveillance, PSIM and alarm management, digital forensics, electronic document management, and more.

Worker Safety

The Worker Safety function is another important new feature of Release 3.4 that responds in a concrete and timely manner to the worker safety requirements that for corporate realities and even more so for high-risk sites, are becoming increasingly urgent, as well as mandatory by law. The management of internal and external personnel, visitors, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, and in general the flow of people, vehicles and goods is still done in a way that is poorly digitized and sometimes not in compliance with Safety regulations. How do I know, at all times, where a specific person or vehicle is? I not only want to be sure that person is authorized and has the skills to access a specific area of my site, but in the event of an emergency and evacuation, I need to be able to provide a complete list of people who have exited the building. Often outsiders turn out to be "nonexistent" within the system and this is a big problem in terms of Safety. Authentication using Predictive QR Code, the platform's patented technology, handles both people already entered into the system and outsiders who access the interior of a facility habitually or sporadically. Predictive QR Code® is a unique, secure and patented system of authenticating people, vehicles and objects that, unlike a static QR Code:

  • Changes every 500 milliseconds
  • If it is copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change

In this way, worker authentication is done easily, digitally and smoothly through a mobile app installed on smartphones that takes advantage of the Predictive QR Code. The Predictive QR Code becomes a "virtual card" that regulates worker access and presence. Within the app, expiring documents can be entered that can be sent via dedicated chat. In the event of an emergency and evacuation, the system can intercept building capacity and then indicate attendance at the site providing a complete list of people inside the building. At the collection point, it is possible to mark on a multi-technology reader one's exit from the building.

Virtual Reception

In managing visitors within a building or industrial site, the FaRe Hybrid platform offers Guest on Cloud, the mobile app that uniquely authenticates guests by leveraging Predictive QR code. Not only is it possible to implement multi-factor authentication with Predictive QR code associated with other factors such as vehicle license plate (from a common video surveillance camera, even one already installed, via artificial intelligence), but once authentication of the person and his or her vehicle has taken place, the contact in the company can receive real-time automatic guest presence alerts such as, "Your guest has arrived." Casual guests who have not downloaded the Guest on Cloud authentication app to their smartphone can proceed with self-registration. The guest can use a tablet/totem located at the entrance of the facility to self-register. He/she can enter various credentials, for example, a facial photo if they want to authenticate via facial recognition. After registration, the guest receives the accepted conditions and the static QR Code via e-mail that allows him to access the facility for a specified period of time. Alternatively, the operator can register the guest directly at the front desk by handing him/her a static QR Code.

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