The patented Predictive QR Code® technology will be presented at ASECAP DAYS 2024!

The patented Predictive QR Code® technology will be presented at ASECAP DAYS 2024!

Date: 30/04/2024

Euklis will be amongst the sponsors of ASECAP DAYS, the event dedicated to Inclusive and Sustainable Mobility Solutions

When: May 13-15, 2024

Where: Palazzo Mezzanotte - Piazza degli Affari 6, Milan

Promoted by: Milano Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali and Aiscat.

ASECAP's 51st Study and Information Day will focus on how to provide equitable access to mobility services, a key issue for future social and economic developments. What specifically can transportation infrastructure financing do to ensure equity and efficiency? How can funding be reconciled with environmental and safety goals as an economic stimulus? What are the most innovative tools for attracting private funds to mobility infrastructure investments?
All of this will be discussed at ASECAP DAYS, the event that brings together Highway Concessionaires from around the world designed to delve into the latest trends and challenges in the transportation and infrastructure sector. Its packed program will feature alternating stimulating discussions and concrete solutions.
In this context, Euklis will present the Predictive QR Code® and the PQRCode Wallet App!

Predictive QR Code® is the Contactless Payment System for Authentication, universal for means of transportation and projected into the future.
Through the PQRCode Wallet App, Euklis makes available a true virtual card wallet, i.e., unique and personal Predictive QR Code® that allows each user to conveniently access from a single mobile app multiple services offered by providers of various types, from highway concessionaire, to rail concessionaire, unifying multiple subscriptions into a single system.
Predictive QR Code® is the patented QR Code image authentication technology that:
- unlike a static QR Code, changes every 500 milliseconds and cannot be copied
- also works in offline mode, i.e., without an internet connection
- is the first mobile-to-mobile authentication system without additional hardware
- through a single mobile app allows easy use of subscription services from different operators
- can be read by a common QR code reader or smartphone
- works only from the owner's smartphone and is unhooked from the SIM card
The generation of Predictive QR Codes® and is the sole responsibility of the service provider, and the registration of authentication elements can also include other authentication credentials, such as license plate of an associated vehicle or face.

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