PSIM Software FaRe Hybrid

PSIM Software FaRe Hybrid

Date: 06/07/2022

Euklis' innovative FaRe Hybrid platform is a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software, a tool that can receive, integrate and centralize alarms from third parties in a single interface, efficiently managing multiple security systems such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and fire alarms.

In one intuitive interface, operators have all the information they need to make quick decisions, reduce risk levels, and react quickly to events in real time.

FaRe Hybrid PSIM is the perfect platform for integrating all the systems on a site from which it is easy to monitor camera status, alarms on interactive graphical maps, excluding or including zones, access control via multi-factor authentication, gate management, permissions, and much more. Due to the high level of customization, specific technologies and systems can be integrated.

FaRe Hybrid can manage - simultaneously as well - the most common VMS' on the market. 

FaRe Hybrid platform's IT architecture enables third-party integration in a matter of weeks!

FaRe Hybrid introduces a smart mathematics to configure protocols 
FaRe Hybrid is even more than a PSIM, as it offers advanced alarm management functions that allow in an easy and intuitive way to define incident management protocols that guide the operator in operational procedures and commands (e.g., close a contact, activate a general alarm, send an event, generate a new alarm, etc.).

The definition of protocols allows for the best management of events that may occur within a space-time perimeter.

Each protocol allows the operator to manage alarms triggered by pre-configured events within the system and then archive them.

From FaRe Hybrid platform, it is possible to have a complete overview of alarms and to visualize the life and management cycle of the alarm itself.

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