New Technology Partnership with INIM Electronics

New Technology Partnership with  INIM Electronics

Date: 25/01/2023

Euklis srl, Italian company specialized in security of critical infrastructures and artificial intelligence, continues to create alliances with the best partners in the market in order to offer the best technological capabilities to its clients.
With this in mind, a technological partnership was signed with INIM Technologies, an Italian company in the security and home automation sector. 
Specifically, the integration of Inim's Prime burglar alarm control panel was implemented in FaRe Hybrid, the security intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence for the detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles and objects.
The integration with Inim control center, made possible in a matter of weeks thanks to FaRe Hybrid's agile and intuitive architecture, consists of the reception of events from Inim control center, such as the violation of a controlled zone, as well as correlating them with other information that FaRe Hybrid platform's artificial intelligence classification and recognition engines make possible. 

Euklis is an Italian company specializing in security, artificial intelligence and physical multi-factor authentication. Euklis' key technology is FaRe Hybrid, a software platform that, thanks to artificial intelligence techniques for detecting, classifying and authenticating people, vehicles and objects, enables security, safety and improved operations applications.


Inim, a leading player in the security and home automation industry, offers state-of-the-art security solutions to ensure the protection of environments such as intrusion and home automation systems, fire protection systems and emergency lighting.