New opportunities thanks to EUKLIS KLIS LPC


Date: 24/04/2018

EUKLIS KLIS LPC is the new "License Plate Capture Camera" ideal for working with OCR software used for automatic plate recognition.

Thanks to the MULTISHUTTER, up to 1/400000, and thanks to the integrated and synchronized leds, the EUKLIS KLIS LPC provides an optimal vision both for the human eye and for an automatic system even in difficult light conditions and the recognition of the car license plates in motion at any speed.

Recently, GENETEC has released AutoVu Flexreader, the license plate recognition module integrated into the Security Center platform.

Potentially an excellent license plate recognition software can be applied to any camera.

Actually, only EUKLIS KLIS LPC camera guarantees a perfect quality image so the recognition software can have maximum performance!

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