Maximum accuracy with Euklis license plate reading algorithms!

Maximum accuracy with Euklis license plate reading algorithms!

Date: 15/12/2022

Euklis' innovative software solution manages vehicles and license plates from common video surveillance cameras (including those already installed) using artificial intelligence algorithms for detection, classification and identification.  
The detection and recognition engines are trained to detect the presence of one or more vehicles by classifying them by type, color, country of origin and brand. 
Regarding the license plate recognition, both of Italian or foreign plates, the algorithm identifies within the scene the portion of the image that contains first the vehicle, thus identifying it as a car, truck or motorcycle, and then the image that contains the license plate, isolating it and recognizing in milliseconds the shape of the characters, generating the correct string of text that corresponds to the vehicle's license plate.

During this last phase, errors in analysis and thus recognition are frequent, consequently forcing the operator to manually verify the photograph of the archived license plate.

What are the most common errors?

Not all optical character recognition (OCR) algoritms are the same, and reading errors are increasingly common.
The characters that most often confuse OCR systems, even the most advanced ones, are C and G and B and the number 8.
The advanced license plate reading system of Euklis' FaRe Hybrid platform is able, even under difficult conditions such as adverse weather conditions, to not confuse the characters that look the most similar and immediately give a correct reading.
An additional feature of the FaRe Hybrid platform is the EventTimelineVideo, a video analysis that contains only the events of interest, searched through filters set through the dashboard. In this way, for example, a 24-hour video in which all red cars with license plates beginning with GF are searched is reduced to a few-minute video that shows only the cars that reflect the characteristics of the search.

The benefits of Euklis' license plate reading system

Euklis' innovative software solution, which allows the use of already installed PTZ DOME cameras, provides substantial cost savings and no new installation work.
In this way, it is possible to give a "new life" to the multiple PTZ Dome cameras already in place, preserving the investment made. However, it is also possible to use the most common video surveillance IP cameras.


The Euklis platform license plate reading system is one of the very few systems certified with SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency), the authority responsible for centralizing all license plates to the Dubai Police.

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