Guest on Cloud - the Integrated Guest Management System with Predictive QR Code®

Guest on Cloud - the Integrated Guest Management System with Predictive QR Code®

Date: 05/03/2024

Are you already familiar with GUEST ON CLOUD? 

The Guest on Cloud mobile app securely, seamlessly and digitally manages the access and stay of guests, as well as internal and external staff, by uniquely authenticating them via the Predictive QR Code®, the innovative patented virtual card system!
Unlike a static QR Code, which can be easily copied or swapped, the Predictive QR Code® changes every 500 milliseconds and its validity expires with each change.
To ensure continuous operation, the Predictive QR Code® can also be read, by a common QR Code reader or smartphone, in offline mode, i.e., without an Internet connection.
Guest on Cloud manages visitors, i.e., guests, suppliers, customers, subcontractors, and cleaning staff who habitually or sporadically access a site by allowing or specific access to certain areas, including restricted areas. Guest on Cloud also manages access via registered vehicle and corporate fleets.

Predictive QR Code® can be combined with other authentication methods, generating multi-factor authentication: only when multiple authentication credentials are recognized at the same time access granted. A badge, electronic document, associated vehicle license plate, and face are the credentials that can be combined to regulate guest entry and exit.
Through dedicated chat, it is possible to communicate and exchange documents. In addition, immediately after user authentication, the in-house contact can receive a notification via SMS, such as, "Your guest has arrived," thus shortening the waiting time.

For safety purposes, as well as emergency and evacuation, Guest on Cloud offers complete visibility of attendance in the site at all times, providing timely reporting on the entries and exits of registered users.