GUEST ON CLOUD, the innovative guest management system on Cloud!

GUEST ON CLOUD, the innovative guest management system on Cloud!

Date: 27/03/2023

Euklis offers a solution that allows to manage the access of visitors who habitually or sporadically access within their site - even, for example, in the management of an event.

The Web-Client Guest on Cloud is intended for all those entities that wish to uniquely, fluidly and digitally authenticate their visitors while meeting all security and safety criteria.

How does is work?

The service provider purchases a certain number of invitations, i.e. 8-digit pins, which it will send, via email or SMS, to all guests to be managed. Users must download the Guest on Cloud mobile app to their smartphone and enter the previously received numeric pin. At this point, the user will need to self-register his access by entering the required credentials and agreeing to the privacy and safety policies of the host institution by immediately receiving the Predictive QR Code®, which is the dynamic and predictive QR Code that acts as a virtual badge that can simply be read upon entry by another smartphone.


  • Event organizers: corporate events, invitation-only events, ticketed events, fashion shows, etc.
  • Entities that issue named tickets: concerts, shows, sporting events, etc.
  • Providers of subscription services: gyms, parking, transportation, car/bike sharing, etc.
  • Companies that need to manage the flow of visitors, suppliers, transporters, etc., including for access to restricted areas
  • Desk/office booking in coworking spaces.
Guest on Cloud leverages an innovative technology, Predictive QR Code®, a Virtual Card system from the FaRe Hybrid platform, which enables secure authentication via dynamic and predictive QR Code and prevents it from being copied because:

  • it changes every 500 milliseconds
  • if copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change
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