Guest on Cloud Hospitality - The innovative key management and self check-in solution for short term rentals!

Guest on Cloud Hospitality - The innovative key management and self check-in solution for short term rentals!

Date: 16/03/2023

Self check-in in apartments and vacation homes has now become a common practice in managing guest entry and key handover. However, this process presents some issues related to both the security of the property owned, as one wants to be sure that only authorized persons enter, and logistics, in terms of waiting and instructions to be given to the guest to find the keys.

Euklis addresses the needs of all hosts renting one or more apartments, including through dedicated web platforms, who not only want to be sure of the identity of their guests, but may want to take advantage of a more convenient and sustainable system to manage the delivery of physical keys by replacing them with virtual keys.

This is made possible through the Guest on Cloud mobile app.
Guest on Cloud manages access via mobile app directly from the guest's smartphone and is based on the Predictive QR Code®, a unique and secure authentication system!

The Predictive QR Code® prevents copying because it is dynamic: it changes every 500 milliseconds and if it is copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change.

This technology makes it possible to select multiple distinct doors and manages entry from the day of arrival to the day of departure, then deactivates and allows access only to the next guest through the generation of a new virtual key, thus avoiding risks related to duplication of keys, copying of passwords and finally, all the slowdowns due to key delivery.

From the mobile app it is also possible to check IDs in real time through a dedicated chat!

Needs of a host:

  • - a non-duplicable key
  • - a secure authentication system for the host (but also for the cleaning staff and maintenance staff)
  • - a remote and fully digitized key delivery system

Guest on Cloud mobile app

  • - a virtual access key that at the same time uniquely authenticates the guest, based on the Predictive QR Code® that prevents copying as it changes every 500 milliseconds
  • - a unique and personal key valid for multiple guests in the same apartment
  • - a convenient system to remotely manage both guest access and the access of cleaning and maintenance staff
  • - an ID scanning system
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