FaRe Hybrid System Designer Certification Course for system integrators

Date: 29/04/2022

We are pleased to invite you at FaRe Hybrid Certification Course for system integrators!

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When a system integrator designs a system where it is required to improve security, safety and operations, the Identity becomes the milestone.
Detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles and objects provide the elements to determine actions, strategies and, more generally, to manage flows and trigger alarms.
Moreover, artificial intelligence combined with pattern matching techniques and applied to data, images, video streams, are the core of the engines that on servers, cloud or edge devices allow to distinguish, classify and recognize.
Information and events coming from systems that perform specific functions must always be taken into account. Only from the correlation of all this information can the right choice be made. 
That's why Euklis has introduced a new paradigm to design efficient and cutting-edge systems: FaRe Hybrid is the first Unified Platform that, thanks to artificial intelligence techniques for the detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles and objects, allows to realize security and safety applications and to improve operations in the Industry 4.0 environment.

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