FaRe Hybrid now on Milestone's Marketplace

FaRe Hybrid now on Milestone's Marketplace

Date: 14/01/2021

FaRe Hybrid - Identity Certification and Face Recognition Platform, key technology of Euklis, has proven compatibility with Milestone XProtect Corporate.

The integration with Milestone XProtect allows the operator to:
1. Monitor live video streams from cameras connected to Milestone detecting and recognizing people, vehicles and objects.

2. Forensic investigation: recognize and detect people, vehicles and objects from Milestone's video archive.

3. Raise events and add bookmarks to Milestone in the case of a detection or a recognition.

Applications of FaRe Hybrid

  • Access control to restricted areas with face/card/vehicle recognition 
  • Forensic function of faces and vehicles to gather evidence for criminal investigations
  • Visitor Management of critical infrastructures
  • Parking 
  • LPR/ANPR from specific readers or common video surveillance cameras
  • Videosurveillance
  • Safety 
  • Thermal Detection
  • Marketing 
  • Passport Control