FaRe Hybrid FORENSICS, the ideal solution for Police Forces!

FaRe Hybrid FORENSICS, the ideal solution for Police Forces!

Date: 11/06/2021

FaRe Hybrid Forensics is the solution that is applied in all those areas where an investigation is required in relation to an accident, an offence or a crime. Thanks to recognition algorithms and Artificial Intelligence engines, the platform allows to classify the information contained within a video stream, detect the presence of specific entities - people or vehicles - and generate events and alarms following the recognition of reported subjects or vehicles.

FaRe Hybrid Forensics applies to People and Vehicles.

When you want to investigate a person, FaRe Hybrid provides three modules: Face Forensics, Video Forensics, and VMS Forensics. Face Forensics and Video Forensics identify faces from a photo or video folder within a database of reported subjects. VMS Forensics identifies and reports faces from a VMS. 

When you want to investigate a vehicle instead, FaRe Hybrid makes two modules available: Video Forensics and VMS Forensics. Video Forensics identifies vehicles and its owners in real time or from a video folder within a database of reported vehicles while VMS Forensics identifies and reports vehicles from a VMS. 

 And there's some news coming!

  • FaRe Security, the new mobile app that shows faces and reported vehicles in real time directly on smartphones! 
  • EventTimeLineVideo, the innovative feature that allows to analyze hours/days of recordings showing only the events of interest through the setting of filters directly from the dashboard of the platform. 
The FaRe Security Mobile App is already available on Google Play and Apple Store and allows three features:

  1. Verify if a suspicious person belongs to a list of reported subjects by entering their image within the system or directly taking a picture of them from the smartphone.
  2. Check if a vehicle belongs to a list of reported subjects by entering the license plate number into the system.
  3. Receive real-time alerts directly on your smartphone of reported subjects and vehicles that have passed in front of a specific camera. 

Video Analysis
The Forensics functions apply to:

  • Frames stored in folders on the operator's PC
  • Frames sent via App - FaRe Security
  • Live video streams taken directly from cameras
  • Live video streams taken from the most popular VMS such as Milestone and Genetec to which the cameras are connected
  • Video files from VMS and NVR that allow access to video recording via ONVIF G Protocol
  • Video files coming from Network Video Recorder, Video Management Systems, Smartphone
  • Video recordings taken directly from VMS or NVR such as Milestone and Genetec
The Detection engine is already trained to detect at least the presence of the following entities:

  • People
  • Faces
  • Vehicles
  • License plates
The Recognition engine, within a frame or a video stream, is able to:

  • Recognize subjects within a database of previously acquired faces.
  • Extract license plate numbers by verifying the presence in internal or external databases.
The result of the analysis can be an EventTimelineVideo that contains only the events searched through the filters set through the dashboard. In this way, for example, a 24-hour video in which all red cars are searched is reduced to a video of a few minutes.

 The investigation functions can also be carried out via APP on Android or iOS mobile terminals.

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