Euklis releases version 3.1 SR5 of FaRe Hybrid Platform!

Euklis releases version 3.1 SR5 of FaRe Hybrid Platform!

Date: 29/10/2020

Euklis is glad to announce the release of the version 3.1 SR5 of the Identity Certification and Face Recognition Platform - FaRe Hybrid!


FaRe Hybrid is the first truly independent Identity Verification platform and is 100% Made in Italy!


The most recent data on the Identity Verification market provided by Marketsandmarkets indicate that this sector is estimated to grow from $7.6 billion in 2020 to $15.8 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 15.6%.


The area of Identity certification moves around all applications ranging from document verification, access control, forensic research and visitor management. More generally, the area of Identity certification is related to those solutions that are based on the identification of people, vehicles and objects and the detection of characteristics, such as age, gender, sentiment, color, brand, model, etc..


The integration and combination of advanced detection and recognition technologies with the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence represent the new frontier to certify identity and all the countless applications that can be derived from it.


To meet the needs made evident by the security market, Euklis has created FaRe Hybrid, a client-server platform that automatically identifies people, vehicles and objects. It is a plup&play system designed to provide intelligence to security systems already present on the market while preserving and enhancing the investment made. It simultaneously uses multiple recognition technologies, in particular pattern matching and machine learning algorithms and is independent of the type and brand of “point of recognition" (video surveillance cameras, RFID readers, license plate readers, document readers...). It already integrates the major VMS and PSIM on the market.


The platform can be applied in various fields: security, safety, industrial process control, building automation and marketing.


Among the general functions there is the Identity Incident Management System to manage incidents starting from the detection and recognition of an Identity.


A great advantage of FaRe Hybrid is the high level of customization; in this regard, 10 applications have been developed in which the platform can be applied: Access Control, City&Cars, Safety, Forensics, Marketing, Visitor Management, Parking, Passport, Thermal Detection and Video Surveillance.