EUKLIS GUEST, FaRe Hybrid platform's integrated system for visitor management

Date: 08/11/2022

Have you heard of Euklis Guest yet?
The FaRe Hybrid multi-factor authentication platform makes it easy to manage the flow of people-visitors, suppliers, transporters, customers, etc. - who habitually or sporadically access a facility, including by their vehicle to improve access control, security and safety.
There are several ways to manage visitors: via Virtual Card, i.e., a dedicated mobile app that takes advantage of the Predictive QR Code®, a unique, secure and #patentpending system of authentication via dynamic QR Code of people, vehicles and objects, or, if the visitor does not have the ability to download the app to his or her smartphone, via self check-in directly on site by showing the 8-digit pin previously received thus obtaining a paper badge. Similarly, those who show up without having received a pin can register at the company's front desk.
The contact at the company can receive an SMS or email notification indicating the visitor's arrival.
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