Euklis ENPR Platform FaRe Hybrid is now SIRA certified!

Euklis ENPR Platform FaRe Hybrid is now SIRA certified!

Date: 04/06/2021

We are glad to announce that FaRe Hybrid – Identity Certification Platform is one of the few approved ENPR (Electronic Number Plate Registration) solutions in Dubai, UAE.


SIRA means Security Industry Regulatory Agency and it is the authority that is responsible for making Dubai a secure and safe city. We are therefore honored that our innovative platform has succeeded in becoming one of the leading SIRA trusted ANPR solutions.


In close collaboration with Sheriff Security, official partner of Euklis Mena, FaRe Hybrid is going to be the new solution for electronic number plate recognition.


What do we offer?

  • Euklis Profibullet
  • Euklis Fare Hybrid Platform
  • Euklis ALPR


What is included?

  • Recognition of license plate, color/type/country of vehicle and vehicle plate
  • Easy & Intuitive dashboard


Optional Add-Ons

  • Automatic license plate recognition from already existing video surveillance cameras
  • Forensics and VideoTimeLine
  • Integration with existing VMS (i.e. Genetec, Milestone, etc.)
  • Integration with the most common license plate readers
  • Alarm Management Mobile App
  • Face recognition function
  • Guest Management Mobile App

Contact details:

FaRe Hybrid - Identity Certification Platform is a Client Server, Plug & Play platform that provides a suite of advanced features for automatic identification of people, vehicles and objects. FaRe Hybrid is independent from the type and brand of camera/reader and is already integrated in the most common VMS, PSIM and access control systems.