Euklis becomes an innovative SME!

Date: 13/06/2023

Letter from the CEO

"True, we have struggled in these years marked by events that have disrupted the way we used to work and relate.
But with pride, gratitude to the whole team and thanks to the clients who believed in us, I am pleased to announce that today, EUKLIS, born as an innovative start-up on June 13, 2017 from a rib of GSG INTERNATIONAL, turns 6 years old and becomes an Innovative SME!

70% of new companies and 95% of start-ups fail within the first 5 years of their existence.
Despite the challenges and difficulties brought by COVID-19 and the terrible war in Ukraine, we managed to reach this important milestone, becoming an Innovative SME, already having very important national and international references!

We have introduced to the market FaRe Hybrid, the unified and independent Platform that, thanks to artificial intelligence techniques for detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles and objects, allows the realization of Security, Safety applications and improved operations, and today it has reached version 3.4.

Only a week ago, our patent for Predictive Authentication was published, known to everyone today under the registered trademark of Predictive QR Code, the secure authentication system via non-copyable QR Code, the top of the iceberg of the innovations contained in the FaRe Hybrid platform and already adopted by important enterprise-level realities for access control, guest management and authentication of workers.

Euklis is a completely Italian reality. And in Italy, you know, it is not easy to emerge solely through professional qualities. We were able to rely on our creativity, expertise, professionalism and the investment of GSG International and Invitalia.

Today Euklis is ready to take the leap forward. To become an increasingly important Italian and international reality!

We trust then that more and more new clients and investors will want to put their trust in Euklis because together we can achieve important goals!

Antonmarco Catania"