EUKLIS ACCESS: Hands Free Access Control & Visitor Management

EUKLIS ACCESS: Hands Free Access Control & Visitor Management

Date: 07/06/2023

More and more companies need to control the flow of people within their properties not only to locate their position in real time, allowing or restricting access to permitted or restricted areas, but also for occupational safety purposes.
For corporate entities, and even more so for high-risk sites, there is an increasingly urgent need, as well as a legal obligation, to promptly verify the list of people inside the building in the event of an emergency and evacuation.


1) In addition to internal staff generally using their badges to enter, managers and executives sometimes do not clock in. In addition, visitors and outside staff are without badges

2) A physical barrier is not provided at all entrances.

3) Exit is often not regulated by an access control system.


      Euklis offers a smart and easy-to-use solution to meet the safety needs and increasingly evident issues that are emerging within corporate and industrial settings. In Euklis' hands-free system, the person is identified simply by walking through the smartphone (in the pocket or bag) or by facial recognition, adjusting access in and out.

      Euklis provides several access options.

      1) For internal staff: 

      - a bluetooth system installed on the company smartphone that allows automatic door opening at a maximum distance of 3 meters.

      - a face recognition system that allows automatic door opening after storing the face within the database.

      2) For visitors:

      - a mobile app, possibly customized with the company logo, for managing the flow of visitors accessing specific areas for a specific period of time via Predictive QR Code®, a patented virtual card system that enables secure, digital authentication.

      - a visitor self check-in system directly at the entrance via tablet for registration. The visitor will receive a paper badge or a static QR Code via SMS or e-mail.

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