Discover the new Safety at Construction Sites application!

Discover the new Safety at Construction Sites application!

Date: 26/05/2022

Ensuring the highest level of security and safety at construction sites is a top priority. Not only is it essential to ensure that the safety conditions of workers are unaffected, but also to manage the material and vehicle flows coming in. In order to answer the needs of construction sites, Euklis proposes a simple and intuitive system to manage the different dynamics that can arise within a construction site: verification of personnel, also to avoid the exchange of badges, verification of adequate equipment, perimeter protection and the access of authorised vehicles. Depending on the size and needs of each individual construction site, an ad hoc solution can be implemented to guarantee high levels of security, safety and efficiency.


1.Being sure of the identity of workers entering the worksite, as they are often employees of subcontracting firms, also to ensure that they are in compliance with the following requirements:
  • Medical examination
  • Safety courses
2.Define and manage areas considered potentially risky for personal safety and verify that each worker is wearing the right work equipment
3.Possibility to manage construction sites directly on Cloud


1. A tool for the site manager to verify that all requirements are met through:
  • An automated device
  • A dedicated mobile app
Extremely innovative is the ability to verify requirements through a dedicated mobile app that uses the Predictive QR Code, a patented Virtual Card technology of FaRe Hybrid platform, which enables secure authentication through a dynamic QR Code that prevents copying since it changes every 500 milliseconds and if it is copied, it cannot be used as the validity expires with each change.

2. Implement a perimeter control and specific object detection system (protective helmet, gloves, jacket, etc.) based on artificial intelligence by using already installed video surveillance cameras.

3. Providing a cloud-based worksite management system through FaRe Hybrid platform.