Discover the applications of FaRe Hybrid Platform for Private Security Companies

Discover the applications of FaRe Hybrid Platform for Private Security Companies

Date: 30/06/2022

When guaranteeing the security of people and goods inside public and private places, security companies must show great responsibility in dealing with any dangerous situation.
In order to meet the needs of Private Security companies, whether they manage apartment blocks, companies, institutions, public or private buildings, Euklis offers an integrated and unified tool, FaRe Hybrid platform, to control and authenticate the flow of people, vehicles and goods as well as intelligently manage alarms.
From videosurveillance, to access control, intrusion detection and visitor management, FaRe Hybrid manages all these and other activities in one single intuitive interface.


Physical Multi Factor Authentication 
Authentication via two or more factors (face + badge, number plate + badge, face + QR code, etc.)

  • Advanced authentication of registered users
  • Advanced authentication of vehicles and drivers at driveways
  • Access to restricted and/or critical areas
  • Electronic Documents

Intrusion Detection based on Artificial Intelligence

FaRe Hybrid makes it possible to use existing video surveillance cameras to monitor different scenarios such as perimeter control, without using thermal cameras but implementing artificial intelligence engines, eliminating the risk of false positives. This makes it possible to verify the presence of people in prohibited areas.

Advanced Application for Alarm and Incident Management
In addition to being a PSIM, i.e. a system capable of receiving and integrating alarms from third-party systems into a single interface, FaRe Hybrid offers advanced alarm management functions that enable easy and intuitive incident management protocols to guide the security operator in operational procedures and commands (e.g. close a contact, trigger a general alarm, send an event, generate a new alarm, etc.).

Advanced Visitor & Vehicles Managament via Virtual Card App
The need for smooth and automatic management of the flow of people, vehicles and goods is also emerging in the private security sector for companies and industrial sites. To meet this need, Euklis offers a highly customisable and easy-to-use solution designed to improve safety, security and company operations, adapting perfectly to the needs of each user.
FaRe Hybrid platform enables simple and intuitive management of the flow of people - visitors, suppliers, subcontractors, transporters, customers, cleaning staff, etc. - vehicles and goods entering the facility.
Thanks to FaRe Hybrid, it is possible to easily manage the entry of visitors, vehicles and goods through multi-factor authentication and at the same time optimise logistics processes and activities.
The mobile app uses the Predictive QR Code, a patented Virtual Card technology of FaRe Hybrid
platform, which enables SECURE authentication via dynamic QR Code and prevents copying because:
  • It changes every 500 milliseconds
  • If copied, it cannot be used, as the validity expires with each change
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