EUKLIS KlisHyCloud, high performance video centralization via Cloud

EUKLIS launches its own line of video surveillance cameras for centralizing video on geographical networks via cloud.

What is this new approach?

"From now, video surveillance cameras of the EUKLIS KlisHyCloud line can be connected to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in complete safety and with very high performance both for live management and for managing video databases. The possibility of receiving an alarm when the camera is no longer working, whatever the cause, is certainly innovative".

Why is this solution innovative?

"One of the main issues that all centralization systems must face when they have surveillance cameras allocated over a geographical network, such as banks with their own agencies, supervisory institutions with their customers, utilities with remote locations in the area, is to make sure that the remote recording system and all connected cameras are working. To do this, they sometimes implement expensive cyclic query systems. Thanks to the supervision system, all this is no longer necessary, since the alarm, due to the disconnection, reaches the centralization system without the need for interrogation by the centralization system".

Is the performance via Cloud sufficient?

"I would say incredible. For instance, with just 300 K/b you can manage cameras with 1 Mb stream at 5 images per second and a latency of less than 500 ms!".

What about the centralization?

"The video surveillance cameras of the KlisHyCloud line connected via Cloud can be integrated to the Genetec Security Center platform, via Stratocast protocol and managed by it as if they were directly connected. In other words, the worker of the operative center sees the cameras and manages them like all the other connected ones by cable, fiber or wireless".

What about the costs?

"Considering all the costs, significant savings can be noted. There is only one fee per camera for a substantial saving in hardware, license software and maintenance costs".

What innovative applications and therefore what new markets? An example?

"Certainly urban video surveillance is one of the most interesting markets that can be approached with a participatory security paradigm, in which for example, the citizen makes available the camera, installed outside his own condominium, to the Local Police who can thus manage it for safety purposes".

Finally, how are system integrators and installers involved in this new business model?

"System integrators and installers play a key role because from this new paradigm they can expand their market opportunities".

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