"A suite of a wide range of applications based on the most advanced Face Recognition technologies"

FaRe is an innovative suite of advanced security functions based on biometric information of the face that is captured by video surveillance cameras.

FaRe functions as a standalone platform or can be integrated in VMS, Access Control Systems or PSIM from the most important manufacturers in the field.



FaRe uses the most recent face recognition technologies developed through Deep Learning techniques made available from the academic world, improved and combined with each other.

Our ten-year experience in the production of security cameras made Euklis able to develop a product which can obtain extremely high performance also using the traditional cameras employed in the video surveillance systems.

FaRe can recognize a face at up to 25 degrees off frontal, and can manage multiple faces of the same person. It is additionally able to find subjects framed in profile.

FaRe can compare a face extracted from a photo frame filmed by a video surveillance camera with the faces contained within a data base of millions of photos processed in less than a second.

FaRe has a client-server architecture.

FaRe uses its facial self-learning capabilities to make the configuration of the access control, ticket, and passport control functions extremely easy, as well as the automatic collection of "usual visitors", or handle marketing functions.

face recognition

Monitoring and security

The system analyses images from video surveillance cameras and generates an alarm if a subject within a black list is identified.


The Forensics module allows users to research subjects through face recognition algorithms on archived films and in the database of tracked faces.

Access Control

The system analyses images from video surveillance cameras and allows access to a subject within a white list. The system can be integrated with a third-party access control system. When the access control system functions through RIFD badges, the FaRe Suite uses a smart device: FaRe Totem can be installed on a wall or with a turnstile.

Passport Control

EUKLIS FaRe, thanks to the Fare Pass peripheral, is able to read the content of ID documents provided on a chip. Once the data inside the document is read, in particular the data of the photo of the document owner, FaRe compares the image with the photo frame of the subject captured by the camera and provides the match percentage.

Face tracking

The function of face tracking allows an archive of the faces of subjects not preprocessed by security cameras to be generated.

The tracking can be activated indiscriminately with all the faces captured by a surveillance camera.

Alternatively, the tracking might be associated only in relation to an event, as the passage through a turnstile, or in relation to the use of a ticket or an electronic badge. In the database every face can be associated with a temporal identity or the document identity.

Marketing and Statistics

The system analyses the images coming from video surveillance cameras providing "on line" information related to the framed subject, as for instance gender and estimated age and statistical "off line" information such as number of males/females framed by the security camera within a certain period.

Calibration System

The FaRe Suite uses advanced calibration tools to overcome installation constraints. The performance of the system can be considerably augmented by adapting the configuration of the system in the modality in which the recognized subjects are framed by security cameras.

Managing events & alarms

This consists of a warning for the user of every event and alarm. It is also inserted in tail events/alarms. In addition, when the system is integrated with third-party software, it communicates events and alarms with those in a bidirectional manner.

Past events

Every event or alarm can be found within the archive of past events and alarms. Besides the textual information related to the event or alarm, the relevant photo frames are archived and the video associated to the moment when the event happened.

Integration with third parties (access, turnstiles)

The system is already integrated with the most important video surveillance software and access control and turnstiles manufacturers. Through the Integration Partner Program, Euklis enables the integration of every third-party system whose developer has provided their protocols.

Management and face DB

FaRe Suite manages an unlimited number of faces. More photos and credentials can be associated with a subject if an access control system is present.

User configuration

On the system, an unlimited number of users with different access levels can be registered.

Self-learning and authentication

FaRe has advanced self-learning functions that can be used in the security field, for instance to detect "usual subjects", as well as in the field of access control when a face has to be associated with an owner of an access credential. The self-learning is supported by an authentication phase.

RemoteApp and Super Monitor

In the case of distributed applications where security cameras are not installed within the same network, and in which there is a Manager application that has access to the information database, a remote application can hold the database of facial encode arrays locally. This is constantly synchronized with the primary one and the Super Monitor that receives the events from all the distributed sites.

Face Recognition Suite


Face Recognition Suite

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