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Employees on Cloud is the time and attendance mobile app that allows you to clock in using your smartphone. 
Manage time and attendance easily, digitally and seamlessly.
The Predictive QR Code®, a patented authentication technology, is a unique and secure identification system that uses employees' smartphones without the need for paper badges.
The Predictive QR Code® prevents copying because it is dynamic: it changes every 500 milliseconds and the validity expires with each change. in addition, this is tied to the smartphone's serial number and can also work in offline mode.
In addition to containing additional features such as the ability for the employee to enter justifications or communicate directly with the HR department via dedicated chat, time stamping is also possible for those working remotely by showing the Predictive QR Code to the computer camera. The company can access time clocking data directly on Cloud.

Download data sheet:

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- employees_on_cloud.pdf

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