About Us

EUKLIS, since 2007, is an Italian manufacturer of technological solutions for security, video surveillance, access control and telecommunications.

EUKLIS is a software house ready to develop software, integrations and plugins with big expertize in real time and security applications.

EUKLIS is a system designer of complex security systems.

EUKLIS is among the most accredited brands considered to protect critical infrastructures as airports, highway authorities, governmental buildings, towers, industrial sites, banks and for urban security.


"The innovation of our way of thinking the security of people and critical infrastructures, consists in the inversion of the classical approach which chases technology and tries to adapt in order to create an original product, into an approach which imagines a solution for a specific need and plans a product using the best available technologies of the market."

EUKLIS goes beyond technology and imagines and plans solutions.

EUKLIS means Security Continuity, because Security is a value that has to be guaranteed over time.

EUKLIS is Smart, because technology has to simplify the development of the tasks of a security operator.


EUKLIS is an innovative Italian private company, supported by Italian Government investments.

Investing in EUKLIS is safe and profitable and provides the opportunity to support innovation and feel real ownership.