Monitoring and Security

The system analyses the information coming from the Point of Recognition configured and generates an event if a subject, a vehicle or an object is recognized as belonging to a list of subjects, vehicles or objects being observed. Recognition events can be simple, for example, a subject from a camera and its car from a license plate reader are recognized witthin the programmed space-time perimeter. Recognition events, in addition to being presented on monitors and stored in the events history, can generate actions towards third parties.

Access Control

FaRe Hybrid improves the performance of an access control system by certifying identity. Moreover, through composite acknowledgments, it provides multiple access credentials. Credential recognition can be communicated via contac closure, Wiegand protocols, OSDP or others that may be defined with the manufacturer of supervision or access control system. Thanks to FaRe 3.0, a camera can replace, for example, a Wiegand reader.


FaRe Hybrid is able to present and export recognitions occured through the Point of Recognition. Enrollement can be automatic, on the PoR that is classified as an entry point and automatically deleted after a programmed Retain Time. This function can be applied, for example, to calculate source-destination matrices of people inside a mall rather than vehicles in a neighborhood.

Welcome and Track

FaRe Hybrid allows the use of events acknowledgment to give information on a display of regonized users.

Face Detection

The faces and license plates captured by the cameras not present among the reported ones can be automatically deleted or kept in a database with a retantion time equivalent to that of the video surveillance system image.

Advanced Parking

In addition to access to a parking lot by recognizing the license plate, FaRe Hybrid allows to verify face and license plate.


FaRe Hybrid provides for forensic activity the ability to search for a face of a subject not known within a database of reported subjects starting from a frame, a video, the database of traced people or by automatic extraction from an integrated NVR.

Document Control

Euklis FaRe Hybrid., thanks to the peripheral FaRe Pass, is able to read the contents of ID documents supplied with chips. Once the data in the document has been read, in particular the data of the document owner’s photo FaRe compares the image with the photo of the subject captured by the camera and provides the percentage of correspondence, allowing or not access.

Marketing and Statistics

Euklis FaRe Hybrid analyses images from video surveillance cameras providing «online» information associated with the subject in question, such as gender and estimated age, and «off-line» statistical information such as the number of males/females framed by security cameras in a given period.

Custom Functions

Beyond the functions that are made available by the platform, it is possible to request the creation of Plug-ins that implement custom functions and customizations..

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