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Euklis offers a highly customisable and easy-to-use solution designed to improve safety, security and operations, adapting perfectly to the needs of each user.

FaRe Hybrid platform enables simple and intuitive management of the flow of people - visitors, suppliers, subcontractors, transporters, customers, cleaning staff, etc. - vehicles and goods entering the facility. 

Thanks to FaRe Hybrid, it is possible to easily manage the entry of visitors, vehicles and goods through multi-factor authentication and at the same time optimise logistics processes and activities.

The innovative virtual card app enables visitor management, coordinating and aligning with the privacy and safety policies of individual companies. 

The Euklis Virtual Card App verifies the credentials of users accessing the facility, manages access to certain areas and allows the scheduled stay of each user.

Through the mobile app, visitors can self-register their entry and that of their vehicle, enter the required credentials, and immediately receive the Predictive QR Code that allows them to access the site for a specified period of time.

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